Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My No More Soda Journey: Day 21

I made the New Year's resolution to stop drinking soda. This is my addiction. With recent health scares in my family, it's time to cut back on some stuff, and I figured I'd start with the hardest thing it would be to quit: my soda.

I tried this before, but never could I remember it being this hard. I'm craving it so badly, especially when I'm stressed.

But when someone offers it, I decline. It's the hardest thing to do, turning down an offer of soda. I now fully understand why people say that addiction is hard. I'm not comparing my soda addiction to alcoholism or any other type of hard drug, but damn. This is hard.

I'll continue to blog about this in the coming months. Right now, my skin is blotchy with zits, a side affect of my body flushing all the toxins out through my skin. I am irritable, and I get these killer headaches.

But before I get serious about losing weight, I need to kick this soda habit out for good.

So wish me luck!

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