Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why An Only?

It's a question I deal with a lot, which starts out like this:

"When are the two of you having another one?"

Answer: "We're not."

And then this is where things start to get fun. I will address the three main things I hear when I say that Ariel will be our only biological child.

#1 "You'll Change Your Mind."

Really? You really know this? How amazing, I've never met a psychic before! Mind telling me tomorrow's winning Mega Millions numbers, because I could use the money!


I'm pretty sure I won't change my mind. Pregnancy was rough on me, mentally and physically. I have no desire to put my body through that again, much less my mind.

#2 "What if Ariel WANTS another brother or a sister?"

I wanted a pony when I was little, and I didn't get one. Why? A pony was impractical. If she wants a brother or a sister, it's something I'll discuss with her. I've considered adopting a child before. Not a baby, mind you, but that's a rant for another day.

Simply put, Ariel will not be lonely growing up. My family is huge, and lately my cousins have been reproducing like rabbits. My niece is two weeks younger than Ariel, and the two are pretty close. I know that moving her away from her cousins may not be the best, but as Ariel may be spending summers in North Carolina with her grandparents (still under discussion at the present time), she will not be short on family members her age to play with. Plus there's Brad's family, and his cousins who have children Ariel's age.

#3 "It's selfish."

What's selfish? Knowing that I can only handle one child being birthed from my body? Not wanting to change the life we've become accustomed to? Not wanting to go through the sleepless nights, constant diaper changes, and leaky boobs again? Yeah, maybe I am selfish, but it's not for a horrible reason. I like where my life is now, and we're finally in a routine again. Another baby would uproot all of that. I'm not doing it to be mean to anyone, but in the end it is my choice. And I choose not to have another child.

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