Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm spending Valentine's Day alone...wait WHAT?

You read that right. I'm sans husband on Valentine's Day! I will be ALONE!


It's actually not a big deal, he'll be in Oklahoma getting things ready for us, and I won't be alone, I'll have the Only with me here.


I'm not even mad, though! Why should I be? It's just a holiday, and since we show our love to each other every day, it's nothing to us.

So, the Only and I will be doing Mommy Daughter stuff.

However, I have NO freaking clue what I want to do! Dinner is an obvious, but no where fancy. I don't want to disturb the romantic customers with me hightailing the Only to the bathroom while she screams "PEE PEE MOMMY PEE PEE!". Free birth control, anyone? *ba dum tsh*

I'm probably going to get on Pinterest and figure all of this out. It'll probably be cold, so the park is out. Since Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year, this means that the movies are also a no go, although we could be an example for the horny teenagers not to do the nasty. Damn, I did it again.

Skating rink? Maybe. It's definitely deserted these days, and no one will bat an eye at a mom and toddler on skates. We'll probably be free entertainment, as I am a klutz on skates, and I'll be teaching the Only to skate for the first time. Maybe I'll become the next viral video sensation...."Mom and Daughter do amazing wipe injuries reported."

Ah, I think it's time to consult Pinterest. It's obvious if I utilize any of the above ideas, I'll either offend and/or harm someone.

What's a holiday without someone to ruin it, though?

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