Friday, January 24, 2014

You Know What Sucks?

Having an organization problem.

I've had problems keeping things organized ever since I was a little kid. I blame a teacher. She dumped out my messy desk in front of the class and made me feel like crap. By messy, it wasn't like old food and stuff, it was just paper. Old tests and the like.

I'm seriously hoping to get things under control when we get to the new place in T-Town, so I've taken to Pinterest to get some ideas. These were some of my favorites. If you click the pictures, it takes you to the original link =). 

Seriously, one thing that I'm always having to look for is a cleaning supply. Someone's (me) always putting it somewhere else and then forgetting where they last put it. I love this idea.
Yes! I love this! No more having to find that pesky box with the wax paper or foil, because it's like right there! This is something I definitely want to use!
One thing I hate is a cluttered refrigerator. Something to think about, for sure. 
Everyone loses their keys. Almost always at the moment you need them most. This thing is definitely going up in the new place, that way whenever husband (or I) loses the keys, I can say "your fault for not putting them in the key frame, dum dum!"

I am so excited to move. I really am. I have all of these ideas (curse you Pinterest) and I cannot wait to get started!

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