Thursday, January 23, 2014

"I Was Too Busy..."

It's something we always hear. As an excuse, or as a regret, those four words always seem to pop up.

"I'm sorry I didn't make it to your birthday party, but I was too busy."

"I should have made more time for Grandma, but I was too busy."

Isn't it funny? We're ALWAYS too busy for something. We're too busy to say hi to Mom, or too busy to stop in at Papa's for a chat. We're too busy to stop and look at the horses that our children are fascinated by. We're too busy to stop in Nashville on a road trip, so the wife can admire the city that she once dreamed of taking over one day.

Hell, sometimes, we're too busy to be too busy.

Why can't we stop being busy for two minutes, and admire those horses? One day our children will be too old to be amazed by those beautiful creatures.

We need to give our moms a call. They weren't too busy for our crap, we can at least take ten minutes to listen to her.

Papa won't be around forever, to talk about the good old days. One day you'll wonder what really happened back in 1943, and he won't be around to ask.

Stop in Nashville, and let your wife sing there. It would be a dream come true, and she'll remember it forever.

Stop being too busy being busy, and start being too busy making these little moments count. One day, these moments will be gone, and all we're going to be left with is memories.

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