Thursday, January 23, 2014

#FreeBieber? No Way!

With the arrest of the so called "pop prince" Justin Bieber, his fanbase has decided to go to Twitter to demand the release of their hero.
Ah, to be so young and naive.
Now, I can see people saying it now.."Oh, he's just a kid, cut him some slack!"
He's 19 years old, and has been a total douche bag this past year. I think we've cut him enough slack. It's time for him to face the music and own up to what he's done. The guy had his dad block off a road so he and his buddy could drag race...while he was drunk. Seriously? I'm not one to preach about people being role models, but since JB has said in the past he likes to be considered as a role model, I am going to address something.
If he wants to be considered a role model, he needs to straighten the hell up. This past year is a shining example of why he should NOT be a role model. If he wants people to look up to him, he needs to quit the childish crap, and find some maturity. No longer can he blame his actions on being a kid.
I'm rather pleased he's been arrested, but I am not hopeful that a single charge will stick. As with Chris Brown, Justin Bieber will continue to get away with every transgression he does, simply because he is Justin Bieber.
Don't believe me? One of you naysayers should try assaulting someone while still on probation or driving drunk. You'd be sentenced to more than just a slap on the wrist and counseling classes. These two "men" won't ever know what it's like to truly take responsibility for their actions until they really go too far. Someone will probably have to die before they get the justice they deserve. And even then, it's doubtful.
Long story short: stop calling for the release of someone who deserves to be in jail. Justin Bieber probably NEEDS this wake up call. Let's hope he gets the point that all of these foolish antics are hurting no one but himself, but he could end up seriously hurting someone if he doesn't stop.

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