Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Only's First Snow.

Hello, all! I know my last post seemed bleak at the chances of us surviving this snowstorm, but alas, we are all here and well.

My apologies to those who were hoping for a different outcome.

Luckily, North Carolina isn't as bad as Georgia or Alabama when it comes to panicking and gridlocks. However, we do have idiots on the roads (one unfortunately being a relative of mine), and people really should be careful.

Anyway, so, I took the Only out to play in the snow, after making sure she was bundled up. She had on two shirts, tights, leggings, leg warmers, and jeans, socks, boots, and her coat. Gloves and a hat completed this ensemble. She was toasty warm.

This was her first snow, and she was so happy. She oohed and ahhed, and tried to build a snowman, but with this being a dry snow, that wasn't happening. She kept calling it "bubbles" for a while until she found out that this was some cold stuff.

She didn't want to come inside, but, let's face it, it was cold, and her nose was pretty damn red. So, we got her in and ever since, she's been looking outside, waiting for her next opportunity to play in the white stuff.

I ended up twisting my ankle a little, so that hurts. It sucks, but hey, with great responsibility comes great sacrifice. I sacrificed my ankle for the greater good. That greater good, seeing the look on the Only's face when she played in snow for the first time.

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