Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Movie Review: Django Unchained

A little bit behind the times, perhaps, but I have longed to watch this movie since it came out. I was FINALLY able to watch it last night.

I'd heard negative things about it, but one of my best friend absolutely raves about the movie, and, knowing that I love Leonardo DiCaprio, she decided to share the movie love.

So, first of all, Inglorious Basterds is one of my favorite movies. I actually wish that what occured in the film was historically accurate, because I would have paid more attention in history class.

So imagine my surprise when I see HAN FREAKING LANDA  on the screen (actor's name: Christoph Waltz). A quick summary: Waltz plays King Schultz, who asks for Django's help in hunting three murderers. After they are caught, the two make a deal: Django helps King, King will help Django find his wife Broomhilda.

Django accepts, they spend the winter brutally murdering criminals, and King makes good on his promise. They locate Broomhilda, at a place called Candyland. Words are exchanged, blood is shed, and explosions occur.

This movie kept my attention from beginning to end. Yeah, some people complained about all the bloodshed and racism. I'm sorry, but 1) this is a QT film and 2) this is a film set in pre-Civil War times. The language is quite appropriate for the time frame.

Leonardo DiCaprio deserved an award for his performance as Calvin Candie, for the infamous hand scene alone. Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington did amazing in their roles. The sarcastic humor was right up my alley. It's definitely not a movie to watch with kids around, but personally? Django Unchained was worth the wait.

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